Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuesday Tunes: Wouter Hamel

I like going to concerts, buy cds (prefer disks over downloads) and look for new tunes and artists on the internet. Just before the weekend I treated myself with a new cd that I would like to share with you. After a little hard time to chose (I have a little wish-list for cds), I went for the album: Lohengrin by Wouter Hamel.

He is a musician making pop-jazz-just call-it-nice music, from The Netherlands. And Lohengrin is his third record (the first he produced by himself). I could try write about him, but he can do that way better on his website.

Also I know from experience, it's great fun to see Wouter and his band (Rory Ronde, Sven Happel, Jasper van Hulten and Gijs Anders van Straalen) play live.
Cover photo by Pablo Delfos, Check his photography. I think it's beautiful.
The album is happy, sad and a little nostalgic. But what I liked most of it, was listening to all the different sounds and instruments that are used in the songs. Listen to this live session of the song Zhavaronki by Wouter Hamel and his band.

Enjoy Tuesday!

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