Saturday, 28 January 2012

Scrapbook Saturday: DIY Memoboard Love

Saturday is a day for creativity. Painting, craft, dance, drawing, painting, design, photography or diy projects. I would like to share something creative for you. This week a lovely DIY memoboard.

 This memoboard might take a little more time (due to time to let things dry), but is quite rewarding (clean desk!).

You'll need:
* Wool / thread / ribbon  (I used a pastel pink wool I had laying around. It's going to be covered in (white) paint. so any light colour will do)
* Canvas (mine was 50x60 cm, but you can make it as big or small as you like).
* Gummiband (mine was 6mm)
* White paint (of course you can use another colour if you like!)
* Glue
* Scissors
* Paintbrush(es)
* Pencil
* White pins

Six easy steps

1. Lay out your word with the wool. Try out different words, sizes and writing styles.
2. When you've found your word and size, write with pencil. Then trace with glue letter by letter, and stick your wool to the canvas. Let it dry.
3. When it's dry cover in paint. I painted quite thick, so it needed quite some time to dry.
4. You could also do two or more layers.
5. Attach the Gummiband in any kind of pattern. First on the side(s)...
6.  then in the middle.

I like mine (It will also look pretty bare).

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  1. Truly brilliant!

    Kan ik er ook eentje bij je bestellen als m'n zolder straks af is? =)