Friday, 27 January 2012

Food adventures on Friday - A Strawberry Summer

It's a long way to summer, but I couldn't resist. I Wanted to share with you a very easy strawberry dessert this week.

I made it last summer, just for fun. I think the strawberries were bought at the supermarket, but you could use fresh ones that you've grown yourself (if it's in season), of course. Or you could use other kind(s) of fruit. Be creative and have fun (that was my strategy too).

And: as you can see: it's not that much of a job...
Below are some guidelines (it's not a recipe for me).
A strawberry summer:

Used ingredients:
* Whipcream,
* Strawberries (chopped in half)
* Chocolate (I used decoration we had laying around. But you could also grate some chocolate of your choice).

Pop in a layer of strawberries, cover with the whipcream and chocolate decoration (or grate your own).
And to make it look pretty: a strawberry on top with a little dot of whipcream.


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