Friday, 20 January 2012

Food adventures on Friday - plate cookie(s)

I learn cooking and baking stuff by doing (with the kind help of recipes found all over the place). So, my time in the kitchen feels like a little adventure sometimes. And today it was an adventure indeed. I got cookies that were miles away from what I had in mind (but tasted yum after all).

The idea was as following: make simple plain cookies, with a some white chocolate tucked in the middle and diped in milk chocolate after being baked.

Reallity kicked in when they went into the oven: after about five minutes they didn't look so tasty, all egg (i put in just one) comming out. Not good. Keep going anyway, maybe it will be all right later on. I think the egg didn't mix so well... because it just looked bad on one half of the plate. And it was the first time trying and kneeding this kind of dough by hand. At this point I droped the diped chocolate idea. But...

1. White chocolate yum 2. kneeding the dough 3. Before 4. When baked: plate cookie.
...Despite the fact that the cookies didn't come out of the oven as beautiful as I hoped for and all sticked together (I call them plate cookies now), they do taste quite well! And that's what it is all about in the end, right?
What about your adventures in the kitchen?

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