Saturday, 21 January 2012

Scrapbook Saturday - DIY: Fluffy bracelet

Saturday is a day for creativity. Painting, craft, dance, drawing, painting, design, photography or diy projects. I would like to share something creative for you. 

My fluffy grey bracelet
A little while ago I made this eye catching fluffy bracelet.
Grey is once of my favorite colour (according to the clothes in my closet), but of course you could do this in any colour, or even a rainbow or something.

You'll need:
* some wool
* Old (cheap) bracelet (I had a bunch of old bangles laying around and used one of those). The colour doesn't matter, it's going to be covered up anyway.
* Scissors

Three easy steps
Note: there are no photo's of the proces, because I didn't know I would blog about this when I made it. (I will add later, because I want to make another one (maybe white? Or black? What do you think?).

1. Make some pompoms (This video by Creature Comforts was so very helpful!), just measure by the eye, laying your pompoms on the bracelet until it's filled up. I tried to use two fingers, or even one (it's not impossible, just make sure you tie in the middle of the bundle). The more fingers you use, the bigger the pom pom. But since it's going to be around a bracelet, I'd recommend you to try small.

2. Tie the pompoms around your bracelet. Make sure they're tight. I used double and even triple knots, just to make sure. Also, make sure you tie them on the inside of the bracelet (it will look more pretty).

3. Cut the long ends.

Enjoy wearing!

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