Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday Miles - The sky is the limit

Maybe you've noticed I've been comming up with these images for my blogposts. They're only a small part of a bigger picture, taken by me. I love taking photos (but I'm not a pro at all, using a humble Canon digital Ixus 80IS). Especially when travelling. Trying to capture stunning nature, a pretty building or just an atmosphere. Through this blog feature I would like to take you on a little travel. As I go through my (very long and always growing) list of places to-go and the (much shorter list) of the places I've been. This monday I would like to share with you the whole picture from the image above.

It's taken from an airplane somewhere above Munich (Germany) in 2010. Together with some people from church we were on our way to Romania for a working vacation.

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