Sunday, 22 January 2012

(B)log #1

Happy one week aniversity to The Bright Side of Life! 
I decided to share with you my experience of blogging every once in a while. Because blogging is a new thing, it has to find a place in my life.

And to help that (the giving blogging a place in my life), this week I've had fun comming up with features, linked to the days of the week. You've seen a few already: Wisdom on Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Food adventures on Friday and Scrapbook Saturday. This week I will introduce you to my Monday, Tuesday and Sunday features. I tied these names to topics that are important and fun to me. And with these features, it will be easier to plan ahead a little. That's what I will try to do today. Make a plan. Sort of (meaning: wish me luck ^_^).

One of the things I bummed into this week is whether it's ok to not post one day? I couldn't find the time on tuesday to post. Then I thought, this is my blog. I set the rules, right? Maybe guidelines is a better word. But it's good to have them writen down. So, I set up five guidelines for this blog:
  • Post the things I really like.
  • Use my own photos/art if possible...
  • all other cases: properly give credit (and send an email) to the original blogger/photographer/... (Very important!).
  • It's not a crime to skip a day.
  • Have fun (very important too)
Have a lovely week!

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