Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday Tunes - Pete Philly

I like going to concerts, buy cds (prefer disks over downloads) and look for new tunes and artists on the internet. Every once in a while you need some beats to keep you going. So, I would like to share with you the music of Dutch artist Pete Philly.

What I love about this artist is that he seems to have a vision on all things he creates. Best shown in his latest video for his single One (see below).

Also, his lyrics are strong (even used in my very first Wisdom on Wednesday post) and it's not straight out hip-hop (that is as far as I know hip-hop and I admit, that is limited).
I found Pete Philly though his Open Loops Project: an outlet for his musical inspiration using social media and the latest design, to produce an digital mixtape. He started that after the collaboration with Perquisite stopped at the peak of their succes as Pete Philly & Perquisite.

Now, about two years later, he has a debut album as a solo-artist: One. And it's high my list of cds to buy, because great artists deserve some support.

Hope you enjoy and follow the beat this tuesday!

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