Saturday, 11 February 2012

Scrapbook Saturday - Photography of Saptorshi Majumdar

This Saturday I have the pleasure of sharing the wonderful work of Saptorshi Majumdar. I got to know him as Derozio on DeviantArt a few years ago. He's a photographer from India. I've seen him grow in his photography in years.

He was so sweet to let me choose freely which photos I would like to use for this feature (That's a HUGE thank you!). So, here are four photos that, I hope show the diversity of his work (best is to visit his website, of course).

Have a wonderful weekend!

This is why I love the portrait photography of Saptorshi Majumdar so much. You just want to know the story of this man. Don't cha?
Street 101.5
Majumdar has a many photos taken at local markets. Which I think rock. But this one really pops out for me, because it's so well composed. And I would like to have a bite on what's being made here.
Mughal Art
Eye for detail: check.
Guardian Angel
Artist's comments says it all: I do not worry about the lines on my palm anymore because I got an angel taking care of my fate.

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