Sunday, 5 February 2012

(B)Log #2:

In my (B)Log posts I share my experience of blogging with you every once in a while. Because blogging is a new thing, it has to find a place in my life. 

I found out that I have a favorite feature: Wisdom on Wednesday. It's so much fun to put that post together! But, the writing wasn't easy this week. The thing is: I only hit the pubish button if I like what I read. I think that's important, post and write about the things you would like to read. A half written post is not good enough. And also, I like to come up with my own photos or at least ask properly before using. I had a plan for the saturday from yestday, but it requiers some asking and emailing (maybe next week!). So, that was a bit of my struggle on blogging. But it is for the good because it will be good for the quality of my blogposts. Well, that's what I hope for.

So, if you read this and you're a blogger too, what's your stuggle with blogging?  
Let's take off to a new week!

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