Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tuesday Tunes - Ben Harper

I don't get it, why have I not heard of this man before? That was the first thought when I heard the music of Ben Harper. Good reason to share with you on this Valentine's day.

It really did surprise me that I hadn't heard of this great artist before. Especially because his style of music fits my cd collection. And he has a total of twelve albums under his belt. Spanning a time from 1994 (I was just 4 then...little wow) to 2011. And that's just the albums, leaving out dvds, eps and his contributions on compilation albums.

And as many albums Harper has, as diverse his style is. From calm and relax to swinging and pumpin' to rockin' almost. The instrument for Harper is the slide guitar (you can read exactly which ones on his website) along with the (lead) vocals. And he doesn't make music alone, he has quite a band with him, cheers for them too.

I leave you with the video for the song Don't Give Up On Me Now. The title single from his 2011 album. Don't forget to listen to the wise words between these fine notes and learn a bit from them.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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