Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday Miles: Berlin

I love taking photos (using a humble Canon digital Ixus 80IS). Especially when travelling. Trying to capture stunning nature, a pretty building or just an atmosphere. Through this blog feature I would like to take you on a little travel. As I go through my (very long and always growing) list of places to-go and the (much shorter list) of the places I've been. 

My most recent trip was to Berlin, Germany. Not as a tourist, but as a pelgrim for the European Youth Meeting of Taizé of 2012. Does that sound scary? It's not, it was a lot of fun and very inspiring. I met a lot of people, learned from different cultures, listen to wise words, got to see a bit of the city and taste some nice food. It was my second visit to Berlin and I feel like I understand the city a bit more now. At some point I realized that there is no other city in the world like Berlin. I never got that feeling the first time, it was all beautiful buildings back then, now I got to know the people too (staying in a guest family helped a lot, of course).

It's the people that make a trip, really. I knew that before but Berlin has proved just once more to me how beautiful a place can be when with fun people who inspire me. The theme of this years pelgrimage was trust. And that is what brought me to Berlin and it is trust that gives you the oppertunity to meet new people.

Enjoy monday!


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