Friday, 3 February 2012

Food adventures on Friday - Go Asian

So, there is the kitchen adventure (like the one with the cookies and the strawberry one), but there also is the supermarket adventure. Food all around and even more possibilities flying around.

Of course there is the supermarket around the corner, where you can find most basic things you need, but sometimes it's fun to take on something different. Like the asian supermarkets. I like going there. They feel a bit like you're in a different country, you (well, at least I can't) read the labels. You see things you don't know. And there are so many things to try out.

I had a moment like this last week. I was in The Hague to experience the Chinese New Year's Celebration there in China town. It was fun (see photo below).
Chinese New Year's Celebration The Hague (The Netherlands) 2012

But of course I had to go shopping in the supermarket. I went to a few, but bought most at Wah Nam Hong (they also have a huge market near Amsterdam, I found out).
1. Soda drinks (I think, I tasted one years ago in Taiwan I recognized the bottle). 2. Noodles. 3. All kinds of cookies. 4. My boughts.
So, I stocked up on (mainly) noodles and rice crackers (See the 4th photo):
  • Tenka-ichi ban rice crackers
  • Shelly Senbei Rice crackers
  • Nissin demae ramen (curry and shoyu flavour).
  • Udon Noodles
  • Tapioca pearls
  • Japanese style Green Tea Mochi
The udon noodles were a new thing for me. And also the Tapioca pearls (although I knew what to make with them (bubble tea!). That's some stock for future food adventures....

Enjoy Friday! I will have a snow white one, when I look out of my window ^_ ^. And you?

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