Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday Tunes - Kyteman Orchestra

It's us as human being who put music into boxes, into genres. And it's people who take them out of these boxes too. Or at least that's what comes to mind when I listen to one of Kyteman's projects. 

First there were the Hermit sessions from Kyteman's Hip-hop orchestra, then Kytecrash with Eric Vloeimans and now there's The Kyteman Orchestra. It's an orchestra, a bunch of rappers and choir. That takes some organizing skills. The linking pin is Colin Benders (alias: Kyteman) from Utrecht (and my favorite city in The Netherlands, I admit).

To be honest with you, I can't chose which project I like most. I let you make your own choice by giving you a listen to some music from all three projects:

The most famous one (in The Netherlands, at least) by Kyteman's Hip-hop Orchestra from The Hermit Sessions: Sorry

From the collaboration Kytecrash with Eric Vloeimans: Tribute to the mighty 6

And the latest project: The Kyteman Orchestra this is their first single off their latest album. Listen to other songs off this album via their website.

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