Friday, 15 June 2012

Food Adventures on Friday - Urban Picknic

I learn cooking and baking stuff by doing (with the kind help of recipes found all over the place). But today I went outside for an urban picknic in the rain.

Earlier this week I talked to a friend of mine and we decided to go for an urban picknic in the beautiful city of Utrecht (The Netherlands). That was when it was sunny. But today it's pouring rain like crazy (most of the time). Not feeling like June at all.

But that didn't end our picknic plan. We found a place near the water and a nice little tunnel to keep us, the food and the blanket (which was a sleepingbag actually) dry. We had a great time talking, joking, thinking, laughing and eating. All comfort food: couscous salad (bought, on the list to make one next time), orange juice, strawberries, water melon, toasted bread with honey, two sweet eggs and to toast on the rain: some champagne.

We are planning a winter-version too. And we pray for freezing temperatures so that we can have a picknic on the frozen canals.

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