Saturday, 23 June 2012

Scrapbook Saturday: inspiration from print -Part II

Saturday is a day for creativity. Painting, craft, dance, drawing, painting, design, photography or diy projects. Last week I shared with you the first part of print-inspiration; as promised: part II.

The past week I browsed through:

Travel, music and even some DIY-inspiration!

1. DIY-idea taken from Glamour 2. Great artist found via Glamour: Lianne La Havas 3. Traveling by movies (from Nat. Geo Traveler) 4. L.A. is on my to-go-list thanks to this great article in Nat. Geo. Traveler 5. Word I did not exist (found in Nat. Geo. Traveler) 6. When I saw this in National Geographic magazine:  I want to receive and/or send one too some day!

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