Friday, 9 March 2012

Food Adventures on Friday - Healthy breakfast.

I learn cooking and baking stuff by doing (with the kind help of recipes found all over the place). So, my time in the kitchen feels like a little adventure sometimes. Today I would like to share my love for breakfst.

Breakfast is important. You probably know that. I love to take my time for breakfast, that gives me the time to enjoy it (and read the paper along with it).
Usually it's just two slices of bread with some jam or or a cup of muesli with milk. And some tea if I feel like it.

Today I enjoyed a little twist on my breakfast (after the photo how to enjoy yourself):

Easy to make yourself:
Find yourself a nice bowl. Pour in some yoghurt, add the kind and amount of muesli you like and add a drip of honey.

Would also be nice with one (or more) slices of roasted bread (with some olive oil or melted butter).
Maybe this weekend on a lazy saturday or sunday...

What's your favorite breakfast?

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