Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday Films

There are brilliant, funny and touching movies all over the internet. I would like to share three of my finds with you today. You can watch all three, but in case you're busy: you can make a choice based on time: the  entree (5 minutes or less), the main (15 to about 30 minutes) and the desert (10 minutes or less). And the names are there, becacause it's friday that started with the food after all. Enjoy!

Entree: Fast Forward (2:30)
In two and a half minute you got to see not just dance, but also the work that's put into it. Makes it even more beautiful to watch a performance.
Credits: YouTube video from Het Nationale Ballet (The Dutch National Ballet) by Altin Kaftira

Main: KONY2012 (29:59)
Probably one of the most talked about films from last week: Kony2012. Popping up on my facebookpage all the time made me curious. Yes, the movie by invisible children touched me, triggered something. I agree (like most people) that this man Kony should be arrested. So, please go and watch this film. But I would also like to ask you to keep up with other sources. Like this page from The Guardian on the topic. Because as good as the idea is, there are also some marks to be made here. Read and get yourself informed.

Dessert: A TED speaker's worst nightmare (3:50)
TED is one of my favorite places on the web to get inspired. This little video just put a smile on my face (like a good dessert should). You have to click this link, because I couldn't paste the video directly in my post. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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