Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thankful Thursday

It doesn't hurt anyone to remind yourself of how lucky you are and to be thankful for that. And this week deserves some thank you's ^_^

  • First of all I'm very thankful for having such a funny brother (even when things go crazy: as stay in a hospital for a few days). Stay strong!
  • Another thank you moment was last saturday: walk along the beach (first for 2012). 
  • Having a drink with sweet people: should do more.
  • Thanks for a bit of an inspiration-boost on sunday in church.
  • Reading the beautiful essay Mindful Reading by Tim Parks (as part of the (also wonderful) book Stop what you're doing and read this! (brilliant title)). I had a few laugh out loud moments (luckily no other people around at that moment).
  • Because of the mentioned book above: Thankful for my pile(s) of books.

Inspired by the blog of Julie of Perfectly Imperfect (please go visit her inspirational blog, it's lovely.

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