Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wisdom on Wednesday - writings from London

One of the things I find inspiration in for life, whether it's the good  or the bad; are quotes by people who, generally speaking, have a little more experience in life than me. Or just in proverbs, lyrics or books. Writings and wisdom I found on my little lovely London trip. All are photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated and of course quotes/lyrics used belong to the people quoted.

Poems about the thames inside the Tower Bridge. Wonderful experience by the way (the sunny weather providing splendid views did help though). The left poem is from Upon the Thames one evening by William Wordsworth in 1790. The right one is from Impressions du Martin by Oscar Wilde fro 1881) 

So, this was not London actually. It was at the train station of Brussels Midi, waiting for the train to Lonon. 

Nice food, and yes, they did feed a good conversation between me and my mother.

This was a chalk board I spotted at a café at the docks near the Tower Bridge. I think it rocks.

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