Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thankful Thursday

Time flies when life is happening. Let's press hold for a moment and be thankful.

  • Being able to travel is a luxury I'm thankful for. It opens my eyes and at the same time reminds me of all the things and people, possibilities I have at home.
  • I'm thankful for the moments that I can laugh at moments that could be bad (like being splashed in the rain by a passing car when you're on your bicycle...). Just because you're feeling good. Must be in a very good mood.
  • Being able to vote. I'm very thankful for that! Even when it's a little struggle to make your choice. Having a choice in the first place is a gift.
  • Being able to run in the open air and breath in fresh air and cathcing sunlight early morning.
  • Meeting new people is fun and always something to be thankful for.
Inspired by the blog of Julie of Perfectly Imperfect (please go visit her inspirational blog, it's lovely.

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