Thursday, 5 July 2012

Thankful Thursday

It doesn't hurt anyone to remind yourself of how lucky you are and to be thankful for that.I had a bunch of thankful moments I'd like to share with you this week.

  • Thanks for food. I know, it's a cliche. But I've been going out for diner a lot last week (and there's one more food-date tomorrow). It certainly is a luxury, and a blessing to my life it really is.
  • Thanks for memories. They're there to hang on to at some moments.
  • Surprises are always worth a thank you (espescially when they come from the other side of the world, by the good old mail).
  • It's been Summer all the way this week. And although it's sticky and hot, I'm thankful for it. At least there is a summer :D
  • I had this moment this week. I heard this song on my ipod (for the X-time) but it just hit me right there. I was like: it's so true what's being said here. It was Come to the well by Casting Crowns. I wrote about this great band a few weeks ago.
  • I'm also very thankful that I took some me-time. It sounds very selfish, but you can't run for others all the time...
Inspired by the blog of Julie of Perfectly Imperfect (please go visit her inspirational blog, it's lovely.

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