Friday, 31 August 2012

(French) Food adventure on Friday - fun with M&M's

My little brother gave me a bunch of recipe books from Paris this Summer. Very sweet, but as a real brother should, never forget your own interest. So, first question: when are you going to make some?  That took a while, but last week I made some time to make choco - sticks with crunch! Another problem was: the lovely little book comes from France. Which means all written in French. I've had some classes, but I needed Google translate anyway. I had lots of fun making them.

I was lazy. So I skipped the sticks-making part. I bought biscuit-sticks instead.

* 1 bag Penut M&Ms
* Dark chocolate (about 75 gr)
* Whipped cream (100 ml)

The only thing I actually made was the choco-paste or in classy French: Ganache aux m&m's (just don't ask me to pronounce it out loud).


1. Crunch the M&Ms in a blender or mash them (in a zipbag) and chop the chocolate
2. Warm cream, melt chopped dark chocolate.
3. When the chocolate and cream are looking yummy, add the crunched m&ms, and stir a little.
4. Smell the yummy chocolate? Give in to the desire to taste, Your excuse: tasting is important ;).
5. Cover the biscuit sticks with cocolate (it may take a few to get the hang of it) 
6. Decorated with some m&m-shell (just crush them with the palm of your hand).
7. Put in the refrigirator for at least two hours.

Enjoy sweet with a crunch!

P.s. I had so much ganache left over that I made some more treats (crunch chocolate covered biscuits)

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