Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hello bright colours!

I think we're getting close on missing out on Winter this year... Missing out on skating on the real deal (frozen lakes and ponds). But other than that, I like having Spring in the air.

In between working office hours and planning for my world trip and blogging about it on my other bog, there's also crochet. I'm working on one more crochet scarf commission (probably the last one for this year). By now I'm switching to cute animals. Like the ones below. The cute elephant is on his/her way to a new owner.
I hope to share the elephant pattern maybe later this week.
Like adding more colour in my crochet works, it's great to find spots of colour outside too. I went for a short stroll and had to share few of them with you today. Just in case you're longing for some warmer weather. Purple seems to be the colour trend for this Spring, according to mother nature.

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