Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Bring in the holiday spirit!

Christmas is only a week away. Time to bring in the holiday spirit!
I tried to do as much DIY as possible and I had a great time creating my own tree, decorations, wrapping labels and christmas cards.

Since I don't have that much space for a real tree, I went with a tree haning on the wall. I collected sticks from the woods. Picked out the ones with different sizes. Then i let them dry overnight and brushed off as much dirt as possible.
Tie them together with a piece of string and my lille tree was ready for a nice dress up. I tied together some bells with ribbon as main decoration. 

And for the evening christmas boost, I added lights. I misread the description on the package. So, instead of warm white lights, I was surprised to look up at a rainbow lit tree when I switched the lights on.
Well, why not!

These little crochet christmas stars are so easy to make:
1. Chain 6, slip stich together to form a circle.
2. Chain 2, 2 Double Crochet, *3picot (chain3 slip stich in first, 3x), 3 double crochet*, repeat the part between the *..* until you got five points.
3. slip stich in the second chain from the beginning and finish off.

One of my new year's targets is to bringback the fun of sending postcards. Hand drawn postcards to be more precise. Christmas was the most perfect (early) kick off! Since I had to make a batch of them, I went with less is more. Writing christmascards turned out to be the most perfect excuse to ask my friends and family's addressess!

I hope you have some great holidays coming up yourselves.  Love, laugh and light up the sky!

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