Monday, 15 July 2013

Active and organized

Thanks to a day off today, it's been a beautiful long weekend. Using all that time to crochet, cook and picnic, writing and starting a big Pinterest clean up.

It was a great Summer day today! And I made good use of it. Going out for a long walk/bicycle ride with a friend of mine.
We walked along the Kromme Rijn between Odijk and Bunnik (although could have moved on further). Sat down to have a small but tasty picnic and went back cycling via Slot Zeist.

Besides all walking and cycling and enyoing the Summer, I've started a big declutter on a whole bunch of things trying to get organized (a little more).
At a recent phone photo clean-up I discovered that I close to 300 food pictures. Taken in a period of a year or so. Most of them involve one of the following elements: family, friends and or the making and baking proces. This Creamy Caprese Pasta by How sweet it is, is one of the recipes I tried and photographed. The first time I tried this, I served it for me and three friends in cute seperate oven pans. As a side dish, I made the beautiful sweet and fresh Pear Feta Walnut Salad by Angie McGowan via

But yesterday I made a big pan for my family. Everyone loved it!
The only thing missing? A propper Italian dessert, like my home made tiramusu... Giving you that next time.

Then the other big(ger) project I put my hands on this weekend, the Pinterest Clean-up. Before my big blog-break I wrote about what I learned from being on Pinterest. There's been quite a built up of pins since then: over 2400 pins and 43 not so organized boards. Including descriptions that were not mine and not so charming (like google images, ouch!) or (even worse) dead links. Time for a clean up.
That means I'm going through my boards one by one, pin for pin. Yes, that is time consuming. And that's why I'm not anywhere near halfway through. I've done three boards by now. And I'm happy with the results:

  • working links (or at least a note that there is no link).
  • Proper credit (going back to the most original post I could find, instead of a home page or collection page (like tumblr or we heart it).
  • boards I love (I only kept the pretty stuff)
  • no doubles
  • no (accidently) wrong board pins
  • a bunch of new boards (splitting up the bigger ones).

I have no Idea when I'll be finished, but I'll give you a sign. Wouldn't it be great to do this all together? I mean, propper credit that's what all those lovely bloggers, writers, photographers, artistst out there deserve, right? So, I'd say spread the word! 

To keep myself in shape (for all the food I love to eat and away from my beloved laptop), I started running again. It's been six months since my last run, thanks to the bruised foot. So, it was a very, very modest run (1,5 - 2 - 4 - 2 - 1,5 - 0,5 mins with 1 minute walks before and in between). But it felt great after wanting and waiting to get my first after such a long time! Rewarding myself with an iced tea of my favorite flavor.


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