Sunday, 23 June 2013

Let's talk bags

Some women like shoes, some like clothes and if you know me, you'd now I like bags. A lot. Maybe a bit too much. Since I have so many, I decided I'd swop the bags I already have a little more often... Somehow I managed to get myself two new bags this week...Now, let me explain this to you.
Impulse buy

I went out for my lunch break this week and I could not resist this off white bag from Sacha.I have to admit, the price tag of over 50% discount helped with that. In my defense I also like to mention this was a complete impulse buy. I actually went in search of a pair of ballerina flats (I left a worn out pair in London) that I did not find.

Ok, that's the part I spent money. The second bag did not come with such ease. I worked for that one. I crochet one. After I completely unraveled this first bag I made (it was too small, bulky and not really what I expected) ...

I came up with this bag: 
I would give you the advice, if in doubt on a chrochet project, let it sit for a few days or so and if you're still not sure, unravel. You might get something better back for it. I'd say I did for sure. I love this bag already.

Materials used:
  • red/cream striped zpagetti/textile yarn from Hoooked. 
  • grey Zpagetti/textile yarn I picked up at Blokker a while ago
  • two belts I bought on sale at V&D
  • four rings I cut off an old bag that I threw out, because it was old and broken. 
  • old scarf I never wear anyway
I did not follow a pattern really. I wrote just wrote along the first four rows. Which were not really rows, but rounds really. But at least I can give you the starting chain and help start off, because once you've got yourself a bottom, it's fairly simple.
1. Chain 28
2. Double Crochet (US term) in the 4th chain from the hook. Double Crochet in every chain, 4 DCs in the last chain. Proceed on the other side of the chain and three DCs in the last chain. Slip stitch in the top three chain.
4. repeat two rows with Single Crochet and don't forget to decrease in at the last four stiches.
5. Switch to the main colour of the bag and DC around.

I'm not exactly sure of this description though. But my mom asked me to make one for her too, so I hope to come up with a proper pattern in time...

Lining the bag was quite a challenge and all thanks go to my mom and her sewing machine. I'm new to machine sewing. As in, I had my first try on one side of sewing the lining for this bag. The scarf fabric was not the best material to start of with though...
After a little inside bag was made, I pinned and hand stitched it to the bag. 
Attaching the belts was fun. I tried different ways and ended up with this, more or less by accident.
Lots of space inside.
Take care and have a wonderful week!

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