Saturday, 22 December 2012

Blog update: Time for a change..

It's been a while, hasn't it? It feels like that's the ever returning sentence the last few months. Hope you don't mind though. You might have read, that I've been busy living real life. Which is a great thing (you should try it too ;)).

I've picked up my Pinterestaccount again. It's been sitting and waiting for me a while and just when I was about to throw out the account, I decided to give it one more try. It's actually quite fun. To be honest it has taught me a five things about myself:

  • You can learn something from zero to something. I learned crochet via the tutorials on pinterest. I'm  kicking out scarf after scarf since. Tell you more about that another time.
  • I like lists and getting organized (i'm always trying something). There are numerous great tips and tricks I did not know about. I'm testing a bunch of them right now...Like the filofax planner. 
  • I do like having girl time every once in a while more than I thought. Playing clothes, bags (many bags) and a tidy bit of make-up.
  • I actually found my current haircut inspiration on Pinterest.
But most of all, pinterest led me to many, many inspirational blogs. And that's when I realized. I like my blog, but it's stuck in a scedule that is unrealistic to say, posting everyday. I'm not feeling foodie every friday you know?! Less topic-crampy. That's how it felt sometimes the last few months. Not good. 
So, I decided to change some things over the next few weeks. More personal, less topic tight.

I need a plan.

Will be working on that and see you all bright and sparkling in 2013!

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