#6. Bright Side of Life

There are many, many beautiful, funny, good and amazing things in life. I want to share some the small wonders of this world I found on the web with you every week or month or so. Just to let you know that the world is a beautiful place :)
For the January month I'd like to share some things that will keep you nice, warm and updated :) 

Teabag coaster

Don't throw away (I): Teabag Coaster
In my first note I ever wrote I put in a teabag. Now this time I got something that will create a little piece of art out of something you'd normally throw straight into the bin: Teabag coasters. That is: a teabag, and a nice package with an embossment.  Just put your used teabag on the page and let the 'magic' happen! The only problem is: it's a concept, so not availabele (yet?) Oh and It's designed by Yuree S Lim and Jleun Yang. If you want to see more and get some explaination: http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2010/5/31/teabag-coasters.html

Don't throw away (II): mug
Talking about tea, you need a cup or a mug to pour it into.It may look like some plastic cup you can get from an coffee machine, but tt's actually a real mug. I got myself a very sweet one (it has some water in it rihgt now). I bought it in December last year at the museum shop of the Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. They also sell an espresso-size.

Oh Land
There's music for every mood. I found Oh Land and it's interesting and danceable (which will keep you warm).But still have to find a place where to buy the cd (and I mean a real cd, not a download album). Go and have a listen: http://www.ohlandmusic.com/

Picture by Dan Usiskin

Keep up to date
I found this on the internet: looks like a fun way to keep yourself up to date. simply from dot to dot. And in the time in between you can colour, add notes and at the end of the month you have something nice to look at and think: what a lovely month (or not, that depends). It was designed by Dan Usiskin (http://www.danusiskin.com/) and can be bought here (http://www.danusiskin.com/latest%20copy/buy_latest_copy.html)

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