#2. Bright side of life

There are many, many, many beautiful, funny, good and amazing things in life. I want to share some the small wonders of this world I found on the web with you every week or month or so. Just to let you know that the world is a beautiful place :)

This time I have for you a nice way to spend your vacation, a booksculpture and a brilliant music video.

An inspirational vacation
Summervacation is nearly 'round the corner. So, for the ones who have not decided yet, what to do and/or where to go this year, I have a suggestion. Go for a working vacation. It's a great experience (and absolutely worth the money)! And don't worry, although you are working, you can still have a great vactionfeeling :)
Lvingstone offers working vacations all over the world. Take a look for inspiration on their website: http://www.livingstonereizen.nl/

The Household Physicians booksculpture by Brian Dettmer - 2008
Using books....
I love books, so I would never cut them to pieces. Except when it's for the art (you know, everything for the art). And that is what Brian Dettmer does. He makes art out of books and puts them in a whole new perspective. This one on the left is just one out of many beautiful, interesting 'booksculptures' made by him.
You can check his Flickrpage right here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/briandettmer/
Or check his website: http://www.briandettmer.com/

Screenshot of the 70 Million video
Making a music video can be an art, this is a great, fun example of that!The video is made for a song called 70 million by the French band Hold yourHorses Everything from Botticelli to Van Gogh to Warhol it's all in there. Go, check it and have a laugh:

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