#1. The bright side of life

Origami Tea Concept by Natalia Ponomareva
There are many, many, many beautiful, funny, good and amazing things in life. I want to share some the small wonders of this world I found on the web with you every week or month or so. Just to let you know that the world is a beautiful place :)

So for this note: I have a teabag, Avatar-like lakes as a place I think worth visiting and sweet music to listen to. Enjoy!

 The teabag
A very beautiful one. The concept packagedesign is done by Natalia Ponomareva a designer from Russia. Wouldn't it be cool to have such a teabag instead of the normal ones? This thing really looks like it's floating :) No, you can't buy it. It's a prototype, so not in production... But if, one lucky day the things are available, I would buy them. Just to brighten up my day :)

More info can be found in the link: http://www.toxel.com/inspiration/2009/10/30/origami-tea-packaging/

A beautiful place
The Plitvice Lakes Does that look real to you? Although I don't think this can be reality it turns out to be real. These are the Plitvice Lakes in a national park of Croatia. First time I came acros this picture I had just seen the movie Avatar. Now, this place would fit right in the Pandora-world wouldn't it?

Now, let's save money to visit some day and see these lakes for real.

This duo based in Japan makes very sweet tones. It's sweet music for babies. But it's also a great to listen to when you just want to sit and listen and do nothing at all. Some songs are instrumental, others you hear watersplashing and a sort of whispering voice.

If you want to listen to these sweet tones, this is their website: http://www.lullatone.com And/or their MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/lullatone

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